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  • Sarah Pedro

Taking a walk (plus bingo!)

Hey, #OddaciousFam! If you are new, welcome! If you are returning, welcome back! It is a pleasure to have you grace our website once again.

We have been blessed with some beautiful spring weather in the Central Valley lately- and nothing could be better than being outdoors to enjoy it. The stars seemed to align when this week’s Terrific Tuesday draw resulted in “Take a Walk” Tuesday. However, this walk was bound to have an Odd twist.

Chris cleverly created a nature-themed bingo sheet to take along on our team walks, filled with flora and fauna native to California’s Central Valley. Beyond the potential prize earned by achieving a BINGO!, playing it during our walk is an excellent team-building exercise. It helps us learn about the remarkable plants and animals around us and gives us a shared goal to work toward. The team actively scanned the trees for birds, the river for fish and turtles, and the brush for flowers. Luckily, we took along a book (a cheat sheet, if you may) that described each plant and animal in detail with pictures included. That way, it was easier to spot them as we walked.

The time in nature was well spent- we laughed, planned to adopt a raccoon and name him Bartholemew, and analyzed the tiniest of bugs. If it had gone any different, it wouldn’t have been an Oddacious walk. Until next time, friends!


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