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  • Monica Ruiz

Take A Photo Tuesday

Good day, readers. Here is a synopsis of last weeks activity of Take a Photo Tuesday, a scavenger hunt crafted by the Madsen fam:

We split into two teams. East side of the office: Sarah, John, and Monica against the West side of the office: Salina, Noah, Eva, and Karen. We were given 35 minutes to locate items scattered throughout the surrounding neighborhood. We had to capture a photo of each item in order to prove that we found it. Further, if the entire team was not back inside the office on time they were disqualified. (Technically Noah made it in 2 seconds late, but we let him slide). Items consisted of yard decor, playground equipment, and plants. Some of the items were easy finds, such as monkey bars or a basketball hoop. But others proved more difficult, like a porthole and a tiny wheelbarrow.

It must have been quite a sight to see a group of people frantically power-walking down the street, scouring each house for items and crossing them off the list (I'm sure we ended up on a few ring doorbell recordings). Plus, it was a mad dash back to the office when we realized we only had a minute remaining on the clock.

The teams ended up pretty equal as far as the amount of items that were located. Unfortunately, neither team was able to complete the entire list. We agreed that if we play the game again, we would be given more time. We noted that since we were in such a rush, we weren’t able to stop and capture funny photos to memorialize the experience.

One of the funniest moments of the game was when Salina actually knocked on someone’s door so she could capture a photo of their dog:

Until next time! -Sarah and Monica


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