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Our Alchemy of Service can be applied to any challenge you may have. Currently, we are working a lot in Content Moderation and Law Enforcement Response.

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Services Detail

Content Moderation


Content moderation done right is pivotal to growth and the health of a service. Without it, well if you know, you know. There is a lot at risk if you get this icky task wrong. 

Oddacious Solutions has developed particular expertise in moderating high-risk content related to child safety, threats of violence, and hate speech. We can help you protect your users, your community, and your brand. But we also do more than protect, we help you grow by giving you more control, less stress, and more opportunities to iterate and improve with experienced moderators that desire to make your workplace better.

Law Enforcement Response


Engaging with law enforcement can be stressful. Whether it is infrequent or a regular occurrence, it can be an unpleasant task distracting teams from other important work. Our team has deep experience managing unique and high-volume law enforcement requests. With seasoned team members you can confidently hand this work over to, Oddacious Solutions will eagerly take on your law enforcement response tasks.

Interested in our Alchemy of Service?

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