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  • Sarah Pedro

Introducing "Terrific Tuesdays"

One of the ways Oddacious promotes joy in our workplace is setting aside time each week for team-building activities. After a team survey, it was clear that we needed a pick-me-up on Tuesdays. And from that, “Terrific Tuesdays” was born. On Mondays, we have a random drawing to determine what our Terrific Tuesday activity will be. The possible activities include:

  • “Trash Tuesday” where we take a walk/hike and pick up litter along the way,

  • “Teach it Tuesday'' where a team member teaches us about their passion or skill

  • “Taco Tuesday” (self-explanatory)

  • The mysterious “Tastebud Torture Tuesday” (yikes!)

We will feature each of these activities in future blog posts as we complete them, so stay tuned!

This past Tuesday, however, there was both fun and important business to be done. As for business, we’re growing and needed to bring in a candidate for an interview. It was Tuesday, so naturally, we needed a team outing.

In true Odd fashion, we decided to do something different and make it a “Dinner-view.” (Credit to Christina Madsen for coining the phrase.) We thought the interview would be more comfortable and enjoyable for the candidate (and us) if we wove the interview questions into a casual, outdoor dinner at Dust Bowl Brewery/Restaurant in Turlock. Job interviews tend to be a stressful, anxiety-inducing experience, and we don’t want that to be the case at Oddacious. We hoped the casual setting might put the candidate at ease so they’d feel comfortable enough to be 100% themselves. Plus, it would allow us to showcase our unique culture and approach to work.

It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon at the restaurant and everyone was in good spirits while we chatted about our values, fears, and hopes for the future. We couldn’t have asked for a better end to a Terrific Tuesday. Cheers!


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