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  • Salina Wright

Bewick bingo

Another Terrific Tuesday in the Oddacious books! As our fellow Odd member, Sarah, explained in her April 4th blog Introducing Terrific Tuesdays, on Mondays we draw from a bowl to determine what unpredictable activity we get to look forward to the following day. Some suggestions are as simple as taking a walk. Others get creative and inspire us to dust off the ol’ family cookbook to bake for our adventurous (and brave!) team. I myself am looking forward to someone drawing Taco Tuesday. Who doesn’t love some taco truck tacos?

Last week we drew Tasty Tuesday. Since Tasty Tuesday requires thought and preparation, we opted to take another walk on the wild side. We set out into the great outdoors for some fresh air and Nature Walk Bingo. Nature Walk Bingo was a big hit with the team. Our Bingo card consists of plants, birds, mammals, trees, etc. Nature Walk Bingo gently nudges you to slow down and observe the beauty and wildlife around you. It’s neat to see the team excitedly thumbing through a wildlife guide together, trying to figure out what sort of creature they’ve spotted.

The best part of this particular Tuesday walk was at the tail-end. As we walked back to the office in the fresh air under the big beautiful trees, our minds were clear, and our “nature radar” was well-attuned when calls from our fine feathered friends caught our attention. It was hard to identify the bird by sight because it was perched somewhere high above us. Chris mentioned that it might be a wren. John grabbed his phone and searched for a sound clip of a wren. The most astonishing thing happened when he played it--the bird flew down to a branch near us and repeated the song. It was exhilarating! And, the bird? It turns out it was a Bewick’s Wren.

With the stress and uncertainty that is so often a part of life today, it’s important to care for your mental health. Grab a friend or loved one within your immediate circle and go for a walk. Nature has a way of soothing your mind and soul. It’s amazing what you might discover on your path. Nature has been offering its precious gifts since the beginning of time; they are still on offer today, provided we slow down a bit to enjoy them.

P.S. We got our first bingo on the walk. Woohoo! Time for a celebratory team lunch!


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