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We create joyful workplaces through service to others.

Oddacious Solutions provides people that take work off the hands and the minds of business leaders and teams. Whatever your particular challenge, our team is ready to serve. We want to promote joy in your workplace. 

Get Exceptional Service From People Seeking Your Good


Creating joyful workplaces is our purpose 

Oddacious Solutions was created for people by people. We desire to see people and their communities flourish. And, we believe that workplaces are essential to that. So, we made it our purpose and dedicated ourselves to making workplaces as joyful as possible.


Our company aspires to be different by not looking merely to help clients in a narrow business sense but by also looking to help the people working for and with our clients. 


We take burdensome work off their hands and minds. But, if their workplace isn’t better each day because we’re serving them, we haven’t yet done our job. 


Our philosophy is simple – exceptional, people-driven service, done in the right way for the right reasons, makes workplaces more joyful. That belief has built and guided our team of honest, hard-working people. It fuels our mission. Our work. Our everything.

For Your Good

And from it, our Alchemy of Service was created. The idea is that our team can take icky, dread-inducing work from our clients and turn it into metaphorical gold for both sides.

Discover Our Alchemy of Service


Follow our blog to get updates on our team and what we are up to in our community. Click on the images to learn more about each of us.



We love meeting new people. If it’s in our office, at a coffee shop, or elsewhere, we find ways to build relationships with the people we work with (or might work with!). To get started, send us a message or ask a question.

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