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to promote the flourishing of individuals and communities

Why WE Exist

odd·a·cious /ôˈdāSHəs/ adj. showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold and unconventional risks to solve problems big and small

"There is more to life than work."

-Practically Everyone

We believe that statement is true. Yet, we were left wondering.

  • Why don't we often feel that way at work?

  • Why are so many people "stuck" in jobs where they are uninspired, insecure, and unfulfilled?

  • Does it have to be this way?

  • Or, maybe, could it be that a workplace might be a platform for promoting the good of people and communities, not just a way to merely pay the bills while longing for the weekend?

These questions birthed something risky and a bit, well, odd. That is, they birthed something oddacious--a company that believes that by delivering exceptional service to its clients it can make their workplaces and its own more joyful and a means for promoting the good of humankind. 

Through something we call our Alchemy of Service, we gratefully take the icky, dread-inducing work from our clients, run it through our Team of Alchemists, and produce joy for our clients and for us. 



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