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How Our Alchemy of Service Benefits You

Serving others drives our work. We didn’t just want to show up, do the work, and get paid. While some companies operate this way, we want more. We are looking for a win-win. How can we all have more joy at work?

That’s why we founded our Alchemy of Service.


Our Alchemy of Service

Our process benefits all parties. It’s not uncommon for workers to be put in tedious working conditions doing mundane work. Simply shifting that from one workplace to another doesn’t accomplish anything meaningful as far as we are concerned. So, we changed the typical approach to staffing. We turn work into double wins by producing positive outcomes for our clients and for us. We call this process our Alchemy of Service because it is a little like magic. We’re working on nailing down exactly how we do it, but it has two major components: 

  • People Powered by Purpose and Unified by Values

  • Profits Power Purpose

People Powered by Purpose and Unified by Values.


Everything starts with our people. This is the oddest thing about Oddacious Solutions. In a time of increasing automation and technology, we offer a very old-fashioned solution--humans with a genuine desire to help others. Everyone on the team is committed to making workplaces more joyful through service. That is our Purpose. And, it starts with Oddacious Solutions itself. Team members prioritize service to one another. (Yes, even over clients.) The result is a super-charged team that serves clients better. And, while we all serve clients in different ways, we direct and express our energy and talents through a common set of Values. Powered by a Purpose and united by our Values, we have a team primed to turn client lead into gold.

Profits Power Purpose and are Second to People. 


Making joyful workplaces for people is our purpose and our priority. If prioritized, profitability will ultimately drive business decisions. So, we explicitly ordered our priorities to ensure that profits are the means to continue pursuing our Purpose, not a purpose in themselves. 

And, we care first for our people as they are the "solution" we have to offer. As such, we invest in our team members by providing them economic and psychological security, opportunities for personal development and growth, and paid time off to serve others outside of work in ways that they find meaningful. This investment builds and strengthens an energized, others-first team that eagerly provides outstanding service to others, relieving them of burdens so that they too may have increased joy at work.

Through the Alchemy of Service, routine business processes don’t have to be mundane or unpleasant for our clients or us.

Interested in our Alchemy of Service?


Our Oddacious Values

  • Upgrade to the Platinum Rule. We consider how our thoughts, speech, and actions affect others and seek to treat them as they would like to be treated.

  • Build trust and make it safe. We act with integrity, speak with candor, listen more than we talk, assume the best intentions, and welcome opinions different from ours.

  • Leave it better than you found it. We clean up messes we didn’t make and don’t ignore opportunities for improvement because someone else said it was “good enough.”

  • Be outstanding and improving. We do top-notch work while embracing change and celebrating errors as paths to improvement.

  • Be authentic. We embrace who and where we are, bringing our real selves to work every day and encouraging others to do the same.

  • Be passionate. We are out to make a difference, and nothing significant was ever achieved half-heartedly.

  • Be humble. We quietly press on because there is no finish line, and everyone has something to teach us.

Our Oddacious Purpose

Oddacious Solutions exists to make joyful workplaces through service to others.

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